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        Triple Diamond Technical Support & Extented Warranties

        Triple Diamond Programs

        Help is there when you need it

        Prompt, reliable service is as important to us as it is to you. Cover your equipment with a Triple Diamond contract, and rest assured that you’re protected by one of the largest service networks in the industry, even beyond the life of your standard manufacturer’s warranty.

        Triple Diamond memberships get exclusive access to the member area of our site, featuring:

        • Online parts research center: This completely illustrated and hyperlinked parts catalog library lets you quickly and easily search for the parts you need.
        • Online tech support: Service requests submitted online are instantly entered into the tech center queue. Once received, an expert member of our team will call you back.
        • Online tech library: Get 24-hour access to our technical library, with hyperlinks and illustrations, plus operation and training manuals, maintenance manuals, wiring diagrams, the latest system software, the latest technology, machine specifications, FAQs, and more.


        Technical support contracts

        MC Machinery’s Technical Support Contracts allow unlimited technical phone support, unlimited software upgrades, discounts on parts, field service labor, operation training classes, and much more.

        View a comprehensive list of services included in these Triple Diamond Programs


        Extended warranties

        MC Machinery’s Extended Warranties include all services provided in our Technical Support Contracts, plus:

        • Unlimited on-site repairs due to product failure
        • Genuine Mitsubishi part replacement due to product failure.

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        For more information or to request a quote, complete form or call 630-616-5900.