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        Spare Parts Specials

        Spare Parts Specials

        *** All items are subject to prior sales, quantities are limited. ****

        Call 630-616-5900 to order



        Image Part Number Part Description Models List Price Sale Price
        MA053 90SZ or 110SZ 20Kg Option 90SZ or 110SZ $9,450.00 $4,990.00
          MA054 90SB 20Kg Option 90SB $9,450.00 $4,990.00
          MA175 110HA AF 20Kg Option 110HA AF $9,450.00 $4,990.00
          C565 FX DNC Option FX $5,745.00 $2,990.00
          C564 CX DNC Option CX $5,745.00 $1,900.00
          C526 HA DNC Option HA $4,995.00 $950.00
        C409 SZ Series M-Code Option SZ or SX $3,375.00 $950.00
          C563 CX Series M-Code Option CX $1,527.00 $950.00
          M1268 HA Series M Code Option HA $3,240.00 $950.00
          M1532 SX Fine Machining down to 8 micro inch SX $3,500.00 $1,900.00
            Plotting Tables 90HA, 110HA, 90C, 110C2, FX1 $2,750.00 $500.00