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        Retrun Parts Policy

        Return Parts Policy

        To ensure returns sent to MC Machinery Systems are processed accurately, please adhere to the following guidelines:

        1. Include a return authorization form along with returned goods so credit to your account can be processed. To obtain a return authorization form contact us at 630-616-5900.
        2. Carefully check over the return authorization form to make sure the goods return reflect the items listed on the form provided by MC Machinery if variances exist contact us at 630-616-5900.
        3. Clearly state on the return authorization form the following:
          • Are the returned goods are used or unused?
          • Why you are returning the part?
        4. Clearly label the return address:
          SHIP TO -
          85 Northwest Point Blvd.
          Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

        For questions related to the processing of returned goods, call our customer service team at 630-616-5900.



        Please reference the return authorization form attached with the part you received and use the instructions below as a guideline for returning parts.

        1. Please see Memo area on RA for contact name
        2. Please complete section A by marking each line item used or unused.
        3. Please complete section B with an explanation of why the part is being returned
        4. Please sign and date section C
        5. The Return Authorization Number Form must accompany a returned package and the RA number must appear on the outside of all packages. If you fail to include this number, your shipment may not be accepted by our shipping department and returned.