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        Right-Size Fiber Laser Cutting

        Right-Size Fiber Laser Cutting

        June 17, 2020 4:51:58 PM

        JR Sehmbi, the owner of Brampton, Ont.-based Mill Finish Industries, decided that a 3-kW machine-made perfect sense for what we required.  Sometimes the power is in what you can do with the machine, not the kilowatts it uses.

        Sehmbi developed his fabricating skills at Millomat, a business founded by his father and currently run by his older brother, Mani.

        However, with an interest in automotive and an entrepreneurial spirit, he started Mill Finish Industries.

        When it was time to purchase a fiber laser, Sehmbi purchased a Mitsubishi 2015 SRP-F 3-kW fiber laser. 

        Read the full story here to learn about how Sehmbi uses his 3-kW fiber laser, and the other industries he’s expanded into.

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